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About PGHR

The Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review is the first international, peer-reviewed journal that features articles on global health topics written by pre-collegiate students. PGHR is a Johns Hopkins University student and faculty-led project within Glohea at JHU, an academic student organization within the Undergraduate Program in Public Health StudiesPGHR is open access, accepts submissions from secondary school students around the world, and has no article submission or publication fees. Submissions are accepted and published year-round digitally.

PGHR's ISSN (Online) Assigned by the U.S. Library of Congress: 2766-5453

Our Mission

The mission of PGHR is to increase youth involvement in global health by providing a platform for students to share ideas and research on critical global health issues. Additionally, PGHR exposes students to a peer-review publication process, educating them about effective communication of ideas and research.

The PGHR Team



Dr. Robert Bollinger is a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He holds joint appointments in the Department of International Health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and in the School of Nursing’s Department of Community-Public Health. Dr. Bollinger has more than 35 years of experience in international public health, clinical research, and education dealing with such global health priorities as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, dengue, antibiotic-resistant infections, and other emerging diseases. He is also the founding director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education (CCGHE) and the associate director for medicine of the Center for Global Health.



Siam is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins who majored in Public Health. He is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review. He is also Founder and Chair of The Global Health Leaders Conference at Johns Hopkins University. Siam is a member of the Clinical Research Core in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. While at Hopkins, Siam was President of the Bangladeshi-American Student Association and a Mentor for Project Finish to Start. He is a current volunteer for his local hospital's palliative care, hospice, and home care programs.

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Executive Editor

Darrell is a junior double majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology and History of Science, Medicine, & Technology. He serves as an undergraduate researcher in the Department of Pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a clinical researcher in the Department of Surgery at City of Hope National Medical Center. Aside from PGHR and GHLC, he explores his interest in education advocacy as the head advising fellow of Matriculate. 

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Co-Managing Editor

Fiza is a junior at Hopkins & a managing editor for PGHR. On campus, she is a research assistant at an OB/GYN lab, a clinical volunteer in the Bayview postpartum ward, & the service chair for a humanitarian medical equity group (HOME). She also enjoys planning campus-wide cultural events as a board member of the South Asian Students at Hopkins (SASH).

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Co-Managing Editor

Nupook is a research assistant at the Department of Mental Health of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, working on the development of Social and Emotional Learning curriculum for high school students. She is also a member of Stuphorn Lab at the Zanbyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute which explores the neurophysiological mechanisms of decision-making. In addition to PGHR, she is also involved in several on-campus organizations such as JHU Foreign Affairs Symposium, American Marketing Association (Nest Strategies), SNF Agora Student Engagement Board, JHU Badminton Team, and Kappa Kappa Gamma.

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Co-Managing Editor

Tanisha is a junior majoring in Public Health and Biology from Mumbai, India. At Hopkins, she is involved with the Office of Academic Support, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, works as a First-Year Mentor for incoming freshman, and on the Executive Board for JHU JOSH - Bollywood Fusion Dance Team. She is passionate about global health and healthcare communication.

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Senior Editor

Austin is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Public Health from Los Angeles, California. He is a Research Assistant in the Department of Pathology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a Research Assistant in the Department of Radiology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. He also serves as the Co-President of Splash at JHU, a volunteering organization dedicated to inspiring students across the nation and bringing joy to their learning.

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Senior Editor

Rozanne is a public health studies major currently working as a research assistant at the Global Institute of Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She also has experience researching and reviewing qualitative data in the realm of implementation science for an oral cancer digital health platform.

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Co-Director of Communications

Priyal is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins planning to double major in Neuroscience and Public Health from New Castle, Delaware. At Hopkins, she is a member of Johns Hopkins Model United Nations, Wings as well as South Asian Students at Hopkins (SASH). Outside of Hopkins, she is involved with the Blood Bank of Delmarva, and the Intercollegiate Neuroscience Research Journal.

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Co-Director of Communications 

Christin is a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Public Health and Neuroscience from Orange, California. She is the founder of the philanthropic Lê Crumb Bakery, which donates to Doctors Without Borders. Christin also works in several organizations, research institutions, and non-profits to promote equity, public health policy, and healthcare access as a junior investigator, regional director, and expert fellow.

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Co-Director of Communications

Michelle is a senior at Johns Hopkins majoring in Chemistry and Public Health Studies from Makati City, Philippines. She is a Managing Editor for The Johns Hopkins News-Letter and Founder of Project Nineteen, a nonprofit organization based in the Philippines. In addition, she is an active member of Baltimore First, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Eclectics Dance Group, and the JHU Filipino Students Association. She is currently a Data Analyst Intern at Gawad Kalinga, a nonprofit organization, and is a contributing writer for Curiosity Shots.

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Associate Director of Communications 

Het is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Plainfield, Indiana. He is a Student Researcher in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the Kennedy Krieger Institute working under the Provost's Undergraduate Research Award. At Hopkins, he has been involved with the Center of Social Concern as a commissioner, the Learning Den as a personal tutor.

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Associate Editor

Dheeksha is a freshman at JHU, and she is excited to explore the Hopkins and Baltimore community over the next four years. In addition to PGHR, she is a member of Shakti, Hopkins's Indian classical dance team. She is passionate about spreading information about health disparities around the world and helping younger students find their own passion within global health.

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Atri is a sophomore majoring in Public Health. At Hopkins, he is involved with research at Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery and trauma surgery outcomes research. He is also involved with Maryland Science Olympiad, Project Violet, and PILOT.

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Associate Editor

Reeha is a junior at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Clinical Research Assistant at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Gastroenterology Department and has conducted pulmonary fibrosis research at the University of Florida School of Medicine. She is also active in various clubs such as Glohea, Hopkins Community Connection, Charm City Science League, and ABC Health.

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Associate Editor

Natania is a freshman currently majoring in Biology. She is passionate about research on health and has carried out research on the gut microbiome. On campus, she writes for SciTech in the Johns Hopkins NewsLetter and is a peer educator.

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Associate Managing Editor

Abhishek is a freshman from New Jersey majoring in Biophysics. On campus, he is also a mentor for Charm City Science League, a test writer for Maryland Science Olympiad, a volunteer for Splash at JHU, and a board member for SASH.

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Associate Editor

Vicky Zhu is a freshman majoring in public health studies and minoring in music. She is passionate about addressing health challenges, especially in the field of reproductive health, both microscopically and macroscopically—from cells to public policies. She is driven to do health advocacy research for culturally situated medical challenges and identify personalized solutions to groups at higher risk of health disparity.

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The Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review team would like to thank the The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association for its support.

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